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CAP RESEARCH is a Mauritian CRO (Clinical Research Organization) which conducts international clinical and therapeutic trials of phases I, II et III, on healthy volunteers and patient volunteers (with a pathology).

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Clinical trial

Before the marketing of any medication, clinical trial is essential and mandatory. It provides information on tomorrow\'s medication after thorough medical testing, in a very strict regulatory framework and according to a specific protocol.

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High-quality equipment

The clinical trial mainly takes place on our premises, where we have the latest medical equipment and a comfortable set-up which provide optimal conditions for work and well-being.

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From the beginning of a study until its completion, participants are supervised by a qualified medical team dedicated to the trials : doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, pharmacists, laboratory technicians.

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All together, let's fight for a better future and the development of tomorrow's drugs :
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Healing and keeping our loved ones safe 
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Become a volunteer and help medical progress through a clinical trial ! We are seeking and recruiting men and women as from 18 years old to test innovative drugs which will allow, in the future, the elimination of diseases such as Cancer, Lupus or Diabetes.

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